Independent Illustrator and a nerd for cute things!

Hello! Call me Kise Sakusaku! Artist fellows can call me Timer Rabbit!QUE LIST:
- [OPEN]
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If you want to donate (however I am not forcing anyone so), then here's my Ko-Fi! Much appreciated~!"Please understand that donations are non-refundable and you are donating under the agreement that you will not issue a chargeback!"("Kise Sakusaku" logo by Mogos Lab! Kise Sakusaku art by Siti ! )


Hello! Want your dream fanart being made by me, framed and ready for display? Then you have come to the right place!Step-Process:
1. Discuss ideas, etc.
2. Shows sketch.
3. Open for free revisions/re-draws.
4. Request full payment to artist (me).
5. Inking and washi tape!
6. Finished! Will request for shipping if ready to receive art!
Please note that ideally I prefer to accept one art commission at a time! This means there will be also a separate transaction per slot!The Do-Nots:
- Vore
- Japanese-inspired Mecha
- Realistic animals
- Abnormal body anatomy (such as doomsday breasts)
- Intense gore
- Focal/detailed points on other bodily parts like feet, and armpits.
- Any sort of ideas that may make a independent content creators (such as VTubers) uncomfortable. You can either show proof that thy are okay with the idea or if they are THE ones commissioning the idea(s). Additionally if I know this content creator and I express discomfort, then I have the right to refuse.
- Anything that will complicates my skill talent. If you still wish me to draw complex poses, expect a mild payment increase!
Anything else not listed are possible, especially cartoon/anime humans and furries/kemono!PAYMENT METHODS: P.P. (mostly worldwide), Cash App (USA/UK), Venmo (USA)SHIPPING: "Mostly" Free for US residents, but tips are appreciated! Overseas customers will need to discuss about shipping. More will be updated. Priority Shipping is available: $8 for US Residents and at-least $12 for overseas! It includes tracking!To contact me for commission or inquiry (please only e-mail me if you DO NOT have any of the following accounts!):

Additionally, I have a Discord! Please contact or PM me for the info! (If you have Telegram too, then message me, but be warned that I am not on the app. often!)

Washi Bookmarks
- 4x2 in.
- May include ribbon!
- Range $15
- Additional character: $5

Cut-Out/Hanger (Washi Tape) Chibis
- Size varies
- Full profile/body!
- Range $20-30
- Additional character: $5

Washi Art
- 4x6 in., unless requested
- Lamination included!
- Range $30-35
- Additional character: $5

Washi Character/Furry Badge
- Size varies. Sample is 7x5 in.
- Lamination included!
- Solo washi tape or hybrid colored pencil blending x washi tape!
- Half-shot w/ hand written "logo"!
- Range $45-50
- Additional character: $5

Non-Washi Creature Doodles
- What is shown is a (old) sample.
- Creatures include Pokemon, most DIgimon, most Yo-Kai Watch, most Monster Rancher, all SB69-Myumons... Please provide references!
- Lines-only: $5-$10
- Digital art unfortunately not open, which is why I encourage to color yourself or seek out a colorist! Please credit me!
- Washi tape art prices for Creatures do apply as above options!
- Additional character: $5


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Game IDs

Michelle from BanG Dream: Girls Band Party (BanDori)!

This is a additional section where you can add me on various gaming platforms!(Reppanyo image from the official SB69F website!)- SB69F: RosiPanpan: PA5ZYTN9
- BanDori (ENG): 2292888
- D4DJ (ENG): rPmBALti
- 3DS ID: 5000-4356-7321
- Switch ID: SW-0258-0903-2803
- Steam: trabbit